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Pipe lining and pipe repair

Save both you and your property from the disruption and stress of expensive excavation works, Cornwall Drains Ltd offer cost-effective no dig technology (pipe lining, pitch fibre re-rounding & lining including pipe repair services). We can remove the need to excavate when your drainage system has suffered tree-root damage leading to broken & leaking pipes or collapsing pitch fibre pipes.

We use a range of lining repairs to suit the damage present within your drainage system, from polyester and silicate-lining systems for larger areas of damage, to silicate resin localised-lining systems for isolated areas of damage.

No dig solutions

For larger areas of damage a resin impregnated felt liner is inserted into the drain & an inversion tube introduced through the impregnated liner inverting it with air. Once the lining repair has cured, the inversion tube is removed leaving your drain fully repaired,

For isolated areas of damage a glass fibre matt is impregnated with silicate resin & then rolled onto a packer, the packer & impregnated localised lining repair is then introduced into the drain over the area of isolated damage. The location of the lining repair is checked using a CCTV camera unit to ensure the correct position is obtained. The packer is inflated using air pushing the lining repair against the inside wall of the damaged pipe, once the isolated lining repair has cured the packer is deflated & removed leaving your drain fully repaired.

CCTV survey stills

  • Section of excavated deformed pitch fibre pipe

  • CCTV image showing blistered pitch fibre drain

  • CCTV image showing blistered pipe fibre drain

  • CCTV image showing section of re-rounded and lined pitch fibre drain

Drainage excavation

Cornwall Drains Ltd will do everything we can to solve your drainage problems without disruptive & expensive excavation.

However there will be occasions where excavation will be required to repair your drainage problem. Where excavation works are required we will carry out the repairs quickly, efficiently & safely taking the utmost care to both you & your property. At Cornwall Drains Ltd we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service & to Health and Safety, so you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

We offer a comprehensive repair services for drainage systems, both below & above ground including drainage excavation & replacement.
For free help and advice, and to get your drains repaired, look no further than Cornwall Drains LTd
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